Get your next event safely hosted with Precheck!


Our solution will leverage our technology platform, our partners, and the latest solutions to fight the COVID-19 and future pandemics. The combination of technology, science, medicine and innovation will allow people to gather again. A few companies have reopened mainly because of their focus on technology, testing, and smart processes.



Step 1 – Invite your guests through Precheck to attend your party.

Step 2 – You create your customized event wellness survey and all guests that RSVP’s must order a Precheck kit.

Step 3 – Guest receives their Precheck Kit and complete a COVID-19 at home PCR test  and mails it to the lab.

Step 4 – Within 48 hours the result is received within the app. On the day of the event, your guest takes their temperature with the bluetooth enabled smart thermometer.

Step 5 – Your Guests will complete your customized party wellness survey.

Step 6 – Guests creates their in-app health pass, called HealthXert,  and generates a QR code.

Step 7 – Guests arrive at your event, shows the QR code and everyone is safe to PARTY!